Natural Disaster

natural disaster

Due to the mountainous topography of Nepal and extreme poverty of rural population, Nepal is one of the highest risk countries in the world in the context of natural disaster and casualties. Each year hundreds of people die due to natural and manmade disasters.

Under this program Shambhala Charity is involved in:

  • Provide emergency relief materials immediately to the disaster victims for saving lives. Major incidents happen in remote mountainous and plain land areas. In mountainous areas, landslides are the most common occurring natural disaster faced by the villagers. Providing warm clothes, tents or plastic sheets, and food etc will be distributed through Shambhala Charity.
  • Conduct rehabilitation programs for the disaster victims’ families, who lose all their property and livestock, and often left without shelter.
  • Provide warm clothes and woolen blankets to very poor and marginalized families, especially the children, in remote villages in plain land during winter. The villagers, in particular the so called low cast communities, are so poor that they don’t have adequate clothing, and thus, many of them die in harsh winter months .
  • Organize awareness programs in collaboration with other social and Government groups, for the vulnerable communities in order to educate the villagers in natural disaster preventive methods.