Health Activities

health activities

Shambhala Charity volunteers and members had been conducting various emergency as well as life saving activities long before the formal establishment of this organization. Under this program Shambhala Charity is involved with:

  • Rescuing poor and sick people from remote villages as well as those who arrived in big towns but struggling due to lack of money and availability of medical centers or Govt. hospitals. We ensure their treatment by admitting them into hospitals and medical centers and make follow up until they fully recover.
  • Provide financial support major surgeries such as heart, kidney, orthopedic. Support acutely sick women and children suffering from infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis. Help establish or upgrade medical centers in remote areas to ensure medical treatment to poor and marginalized communities.
  • Conduct free medical checkup camps in villages.
  • Provide quick medical treatment to people in the event of sudden outbreak of epidemics such as diarrhea and pneumonia.