Community Services

community services

Even at the advent of 21st Century, most of the villagers in Nepal lack adequate knowledge and access to basic sanitation and personal hygiene, education to children, especially the girls, how to optimize the use of their local natural resources, and improved farming techniques. In addition, rural community is facing serious social evils such as alcoholism, early child marriage, and several other malpractices.

Under this program Shambhala Charity is involved in:

  • Organizing mass awareness programs, in association with other social and Government groups, on domestic violence, in particular, against women and children.
  • Awareness for sending young girls to school.
  • Maintaining cleanliness and protecting the local eco-system.
  • Gender balance education.
  • Counseling against drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Empowering rural women.
  • Providing opportunity for self employment, especially to the rural women.
  • Introducing improved farming techniques.
  • Protecting the local cultural heritage.
  • Encouraging and providing training on cooperative savings and credit schemes.
  • Mass education on positive thinking, compassion and sharing loving kindness towards a better future.