Shree Ghusel Secondary School

shree ghusel school

School is located in remote part of Ghusel village in south Lalitpur. Ghusel village is mostly inhabited by Tamang community which is considered one of the underprivileged ethnic communities of Nepal. There are altogether 345 houses in the village.

The school runs classes from early child hood development class to class 10. There are altogether 300 students and 16 teachers.

Due to the earthquake, the school lost 70 % of the physical structures. Due to loss of classrooms the children are continuing the classes in open and under plastic covers. The problem is further compounded in rainy season. Most of the students contacted influenza, fever and common cold due to this problem.

Ghusel Secondary School was established 51 years ago by the efforts of the local community, this school, being the first school in the area served to children from adjoining several other villages such as Bhatte Dada, Devichaur, Malta villages from Lalitpur and Sisneri village from Makawanpur. Still there are students from surrounding villages attending the secondary level education in this school. Students come from far villages such as Devichaur, Sisenri, Chhotidada villages.

Physical infrastructure of the school prior to the earthquake:

  • Three concrete buildings with 18 class rooms
  • Semi permanent structures 2 with 4 rooms
  • Girls toilets 2
  • Boys toilets 2
  • Around 1000 desk and benches for students
  • Computer 12 sets.

Remaining physical structures after the earthquake:

  • Partially damaged concrete building 1 with 6 rooms
  • Semi permanent structure 1 with 2 rooms
  • Boys toilet 1
  • Desks and benches for students; 50 pieces
  • Computer 4 sets

Immediate requirements for continuing the classes:

  • Concrete buildings 2 with 10 rooms each.
  • Girls toilets 2
  • Desks and Benches for students 100
  • Office furniture; Two office desks with 8 chairs, cupboards for office equipment
  • Computer 10 sets.