Lama Kunga Tempa

Lama Kunga, aged 19 years from Charang village, Mustang, Nepal. We discovered him in a Monastery in Pokhara in very sick condition. Lying in Monastery with urinary pipe inserted. Since last 9 years became monk in Pema Tsal Monastery in Pokhara. Both his father and mother are physically disabled. He had two younger brothers. He is the eldest one. He does not have any one to take care of him. It is hard for his family in Mustang to have enough food to eat. We took all his medical documents to Kathmandu and discovered that one of his kidneys was seriously damaged due to stone formation. It was completely damaged full of pus. We quickly brought him to a good hospital in Kathmandu After check up the kidney was found badly infected due to lack of surgery on time. We managed immediate surgery and requested the doctor to try his best to save the kidney of this poor Lama. Finally we could save his kidney and his is fully healthy young man now.


Anil Puri

Anil Puri, a 17 years old boy from Bijaya pur, Sunsari. His father Mr. Amber Puri is a daily wage earner and his mother is mentally retarded. They managed to put him in school and the boy was studying in class 11 and then he had serious problem in his heart. He needed immediate heart surgery. We fixed appointment at at Ganga Lal Hospital.

He is back to school again after installation of pace maker. Both of his parents are in all smiles now.



Manjali was born as younger daughter to Suka Man and Ram Maya Tamang 12 years ago. This destitute child was born to one of the poorest parents at Chaughare, a remote village in Lalitpur district in south of Kathmandu valley. She has an elder brother and her father earns meager sum of money as a labor in the village. Some time when he cannot find work, the entire family will not have enough to eat. Her mother is illiterate and hardly speaks Nepali language.

Manjali, an innocent child like other village children at her age, was a happy child, used to attend the local Government school at Chaughare and was totally unaware of her destiny that she was slowly moving towards serious illness, almost incurable disease.

When she started feeling pain in her chest with other symptoms such as fever, respiratory problem and it was further compounded by swelling of her belly without any valid reason. She had to quit going school and gradually became seriously ill. As prevalent in remote village like Chaughare, her parents spent their hard earned money to local Shamans hoping that they could cure Manjali's disease. Which as, obviously, a useless effort.

Her parents are so superstitious that it took us several efforts to convince them to take her to a hospital as the child needed serious heart surgery. Finally, we could take her to Government hospital and she was diagnosed with serious heart infection. Her illiterate parents did not have faintest idea how serious their daughter was sick. After going through the pervious documents and further examination, Doctors told us that there is very serious infection in her heart. The only option is heart surgery which is highly risky to her life. Which meant Manjali's survival chance is very bleak. I talked with her father on phone through another persona at Chaughare but even at this stage it was almost impossible to convince her father to accept the surgery of his daughter. We finally managed to convince him and after 7 hours of surgery and everyone praying for her life, she finally survived. We got her re admitted in the village school and now Manjali could be seen running in the mountain in her home village like a deer.


Suntali Tamang

Sunita, aged 21 from Chaughare, a remote village in south of Kathmandu valley. As still prevalent in rural part of Nepal, she was married quite early age and got a three years old son. Her husband is out of country since several years. Her family is in very poor condition. She had serious heart problem. Doctors had already advised her to do surgery urgently couple years ago but due to extreme poverty could not do it. Because of this her health was further deteriorated. We took her to a good hospital and after couple of weeks in the hospital now she is fully healthy.


Jog Laxmi

Jog Laxmi a 9 years old girl was rescued from her slum dwelling from a filthy locality in Kathmandu. She had acute mal nutrition and several other diseases. We took her to nutrition and rehabilitation center and now she is fully recovered. And we also found sponsors to support her education.