The prime objective of Shambhala Charity is to run various programs, in a transparent way, directly benefitting the poor and underprivileged communities by the following ways:

Health services:

  • Support emergency treatment to people who could die due to lack of medical treatment.
  • Organize medical treatment camps;
  • Provide support to establish medical centers andhospitals in vulnerable areas;
  • Run health awareness programs;
  • Assist in providing basic health care skills in such areas and focusing on preventative  medication.


  • Support education to the poor children in remote areas by construction of schools;
  • Arrangements of trained teachers, providing books, computers and other educational materials;
  • Arranging volunteers from abroad.

Natural disaster relief:

  • Provide immediate relief to save life in case of natural disaster;
  • Assist in rehabilitation programs to the victims;
  • Run awareness programs about various natural disasters among the communities.


  • Help poor farmers increase their productivity anddiversify their production skills;
  • Introduce modern methods of farming;
  • Assist them in marketing their products.

Dying Culture:

  • Run programs on conservation and protection of dying cultural and natural ancient heritages by means of awareness, enhancing local skills, reconstruction of physical ancient monuments.

Women empowerment:

  • Run various programs on skill development based on local products ensuring smooth income generation;
  • Conduct empowerment programs such as leadership, cooperatives, primary health care, informal education etc.

Child protection:

  • Support poor families for education of their children specially the girl child;
  • Run nutrition programs for children and mothers.

  This positive attitude among the ethnic people from villages can be an asset if utilized with proper planning and programs to bring quick positive result towards solving the various social problems faced by the poor and underprivileged people in the rural areas. Shambhala Charity plans to run various health, social and economic programs directly benefitting such communities at Chaughare village. Once the program has started successfully this model could be replicated in other villages.

The very recent household survey from the Central Bureau of Statistics, Government of Nepal shows that most of the earnings of the average village families, which is meager in the rural parts of Nepal, is spent on addictions – approximately twice than on education. The rural families spend a major percentage of their hard earned income on alcohol and tobacco, which are the main cause of their poverty, domestic violence and educationally deprived children.

Health problem in Nepal: Lack of personal hygiene and timely medical treatment is causing loss of lives at an alarming rate especially among children and women in rural villages. The serious problems among the poor children are mal nutrition, diarrhea, high infant mortality, and Acute Respiratory Infection.   

And most of the rural women are facing micro nutritional deficiencies (such as vitamin deficiency, iodine deficiency, Anemia) serious Reproductive health problem, Uterus prolapsed and other common health problems like Tuberculosis, pneumonia, and heart diseases.  

Heart and lungs problems are quite common in rural villages due to lack of awareness and proper food. Alcohol consumption and smoking is rampant all over Nepal compounding this health crisis. Mass awareness programs are required for this challenging national problem.