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about shambhala charity

Shambhala charity is an organization established by committed people with the pure motivation to help their fellow human beings in need of immediate support to sustain their precious lives. We all live on our common planet, Mother Earth, and as a citizen of the planet, we should care for fellow citizens who live in abject poverty and lack any opportunities. There are destitute people who die young due to lack of timely medical treatment and proper nutrition. Many others die because they do not have adequate shelter during the harsh winter months. There are helpless mothers who watch their dear babies die just because they don’t have money to buy medicine. The news of a child’s death due to an epidemic is unfortunately very common in poor communities. Our hearts bleed when we visit some of these villages and see mothers dying after child birth because they do not have anything to eat.

Shambhala Charity was established and inspired by the realization that those of us leading comfortable and happy lives could give a little to our fellow human beings who are suffering, to save their lives, and to bring a smile back to their faces.

Shambhala Charity is a non-profit organization run by volunteers deeply touched by the suffering faced by these destitute people in Nepal. Each member of the organization is highly committed to working together selflessly for the benefit of fellow human beings. Apart from providing physical support, we share loving kindness and compassion with these underprivileged people, especially the children and women, by providing them medical, educational, livelihood opportunities.

After long years of extensive travel in rural part of Nepal and having been deeply touched by the unimaginable condition of people spending their lives in extremely miserable condition, we started supporting our follow human beings from out of the personal resources which was meager as compared to the large group of needy people. All of us decided to work together to form a formal organization with the objective to collect wider resources and provide humanitarian support to the impoverished people. Thus, the Shambhala Charity was established by:

Mukunda Bista:

Active in Charity activities for the past last three decades. Former Government of Nepal officer. Work experience in diplomatic service and also as country director in E.U. funded projects in Nepal. Also worked briefly for Deloitt, USA. Involved in various programs related to indentured daughters, child mal nutrition, HiV aids, education to marginalized children, providing life saving relief material to poor communities, assisting in saving lives of poor children and women from remote areas etc.

Edwin Marzec:

Edwin K. Marzec, Director, International Contributors, has been actively engaged in all the charity activities of Shambhala Charity since the beginning. He also had been contributing on making approach to international donors and volunteers and also by coordinating with the international community.

Bank details:

Account no: 02402050250542
Account name: Shambhala Charity
Bank name: Nepal Investment Bank Ltd Darbarmarg, Kathmandu, Nepal
Swift code: niblnpkt