Humanitarian Acts With Shambhala Charity

Shambhala Charity plans to run various health, social and economic programs directly benefitting such communities in Nepal.

The prime objective of Shambhala Charity is to run various programs, in a transparent way, directly benefitting the poor and underprivileged communities

Apart from providing physical support, we share loving kindness and compassion with these underprivileged people, especially the children and women, by providing them medical, educational, livelihood opportunities.


Established in 0000 Providing services to 00 Areas

Success Stories

Real time stories of shambhala charity

About Shambhala

A brief introduction to our initiative

Our Objectives

Some of the prime objective of Shambhala

How We Work

The methologies and targets of Shambhala


Health Activities

Various emergency as well as life saving activities

Natural Disaster

Emergency relief materials to the disaster victims

Community Services

Various awareness programs and campaigns for community develepment


Support education to the poor children in remote areas